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Sample of the research The sample of expert interviews comprised 5 respondents. The process and results of the research Expert interviews Interviewing the employees of Riga Tourist Information centre the author clarified the basic needs of foreign travellers first of all individual travellerstheir main needs and requirements.

Interviewing the marketing director of the Latvian Semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod Development Agency further in the text LTDA Linda Penka the author learned about the current problems of the tourism field basically- financialbecause of which the translation of tourist information in foreign languages is limited.

In the interviews with the head of a travel agency A-SONO Zanda Sena and the corporate group travel consultant in the Baltics and a long- term travel guide Aira Liepkalne, as well as the director of the travel agency FTB Latvia Anta Jokste, the author clarified the new trends in inbound tourism.

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As a result of all the previously mentioned interviews the following assumption is justified: foreign tourists especially tourists from Germany more and more often select individual and independent travel, therefore without the guidance of a tour operator and travel agencies they arrange their own itinerary, make electronic reservations of transport and accommodations and independently select tourist attractions, previously collecting information about them form various sources, basically in the I-net.

Pictures, maps, explanations, how to get to the selected destination, as well as more detailed information about the history of the site, etc. The rapidly semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod number of individual travellers lets the author make the conclusion that the necessity to supply information, vital for a tourist in foreign languages, is becoming more and more topical.

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The assessment was made using the Likert scale where 1 means poor, 2- partially unsatisfactory, 3- satisfactory, 4- partially satisfactory, 5- good. As a specific exception can be mentioned a notice on the front door in the Russian language with some information about how to find the tourism information bureau at the airport.

However it has been closed since the beginning ofwhich makes the situation worse. After collecting thir baggage and leaving the airport through the arrival hall the traveller finds a stand that gives information about public transport in Latvian and English that takes passengers to the city centre.

The information is partially false, as the bus stop of bus 22 is located approximately metres farther away, opposite the car park, and the passenger must walk in order to reach the stop.

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All previously mentioned as well as the information about the fare and the frequency of bus 22 traffic can be found in the Riga airport home page Riga International airport, The tickets can be purchased from the bus driver who is not capable of communicating either in the English or German languages. A taxi can also be used to reach the city centre, and also the company Air Baltic express, however in this case the fare for the journey is considerably more expensive.

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The conclusion must be made that a tourist who has not previously searched for the information about the possibilities to get to the centre of Riga from the airport, can face difficulties both due to the shortage of information and the language barrier. From a foreign language perspective the arrival from Riga International airport to the centre of Riga can be assessed as partially unsatisfactory.

Riga Central Market There is a huge amount of information about the Central market available in a series of home pages Riga travel, ; Riga City guide, ; Kurp doties un ko apskatīt, ; Around and about,etc.

According to the opinion of Tourism information centre employees and travel guides, foreign tourists have always found the Central market as one of the most attractive local destinations. The author goes to the Central market on foot orientators — Central Bus station, Central Rail terminalfollowing the Riga city map that is available in hotels in different brochures, tourist information centres, and can be printed from the internet.

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An unprepared traveller may get the impression that there is a big chaos in the Central market: informative notices can be found only in the pavilions, besides, in most cases they are only in the Latvian language.

Translations basically in Russian are very rare, and they are insignificant. There are no translations in the German language. The staff of the Central market does not communicate in foreign languages, however, taking into consideration the specific of a market, this fact should not be evaluated as a big disadvantage. A series of different bistros, coffee bars, buffets, etc. After visiting the Central market the conclusion can be made that the Cantral market is a curious and colourfull place, yet for a foreign tourist it is rather complicated and incomprehensible because of the lack of translated information and its chaotic location; on the whole from a foreign language perspective the situation in the Riga Central market must be assessed as poor.

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Alberta street The next object that can be reached by walking from the city centre and following the city map is the Art Nouveau museum, located in Alberta street. It is particularly famous for its art nouveau architecture, and also belongs to the most frequently visited tourist attractions.

Getting to Alberta street is not complicated, as the names of all the streets are indicated, and the walk to the museum is a fascinating excursion by itself: the marvellous art nouveau buildings are everywhere — they are located not only in Alberta street, but in all the nearby streets in this district.

Some of the buildings carry notice boards with information basically in the Latvian language about the history of the particular building and the personalities who took part in the architectural design and construction of the building.

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The informative signboard of the museum is displayed on the street, it is only in the Latvian and English languages, yet inside the museum the accessibility of information in different foreign languages is excellent: informative brochures as well as the description of each room can be read in the Latvian, English, Russian and German languages.

The staff are kind and hospitable, and attractive, capable of communicating in foreign languages. The museum is quite small, but really original and singular, and gives very good impression about the art nouveau era and the basic peculiarities of this style.

After visiting Art Nouveau museum in Riga the conclusion can be made that the semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod of information about Riga as an art nouveau centre from a foreign language perspective is good.

Open Air museum As the next tourist attraction the Open Air museum was been selected, which is one of the most popular and unique tourist attractions. It is located in the territory of Riga, yet far away in the suburbs, and an individual traveller can reach it only by means of public transport.

A tourist must search semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod this information either in a hotel, or a Tourist information centre, or the home page of Riga public transport Rīgas satiksme, There the necessary information is available in the Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Estonian languages.

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After getting off the bus, the notice about the location of the museum is only in the Latvian and Semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod languages, yet the stands near the entrance with detailed information can be found also in the Russian and German languages. The informative notices inside the territory of the museum have obviously been created during different periods of time, as there is no logic.

Some of the notices descriptions, etc. In many places there are no informative signs or notices at all they have obviously been removed in order to be changed.

Raksti II - LLU Fundamentālā bibliotēka - Latvijas Lauksaimniecības ...

The staff are kind and responsive and their foreign language knowledge is different. Conclusions after visiting the Open air museum: the accessibility of information of reaching the museum is satisfactory, however the museum does not have a unified concept about supplying information in foreign languages, so the situation can only be assessed as partially satisfactory.

Jūrmala The following destination is Jūrmala. It is important to find out beforehand, to which of the villages the tourist is willing to go, - which village is quieter, which is more lively, with entertainment, shopping facilities, etc. The most frequently selected destination is Majori. After getting to know the best means of transport, which is the train, the tourist goes to the Central train terminal.

Here surprisingly little information can be found in foreign languages: almost all notices and informative signboards are only in the Latvian language,- also next to the international ticket offices and train schedules. The building of the Central train terminal also has an Semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod centre the notice is rather inconspicuous and is difficult to findyet it is not a Tourist information centre, but a Railroad information centre, where foreign tourists can find more information about train traffic.

At this moment just three tourist information centres are operating: two of them are located in Old Riga Town square and Livu squareand one more in the Riga International bus terminal.

In the Central train terminal the only piece of written information where a tourist must go in order to get to Jūrmala is an inconspicuous notice in the Latvian language near the entrance to the train platform.

After getting off in Majori the situation becomes comparatively simple, as the sea is near the train station, and all shops, cafes and entertainment facilities are located in a compact area and the information is comprehensible. The amount of information in foreign languages that is necessary for an individual tourist in order to travel to Jūrmala can be assessed as partially unsatisfactory.

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions Latvia.

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In the beginning it must be mentioned that there are no instructions how to get there. The most comfortable way is to go there together with an organized group of tourists, and an individual traveller may join such a group.

Yet there semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod a possibility to go to the castle individually. This option should be considered in tourist information centres. The employees of this centre explain that most tourists who are willing to travel individually to Rundale castle, come from Germany and more seldom from Russia.

Protection of Architectural Heritage in the Latvian SSR (1945–1991

It is possible to obtain information in the information centre about public transportation that will take a tourist to Rundale castle. First of all a tourist travels to Bauska.

kā iegūt bitkīnus uz hidras iespējas bez reālas naudas ieguldījumiem

In the Riga Central bus terminal unlike the Central train terminal a lot more information is available in foreign languages at least English and Russian and it is comprehensible and visual.

Bus traffic to Bauska is frequent and regular. In the Bauska bus station the situation is different: all informative notices and signs are only in the Latvian language, moreover, the semki pelnīt naudu tiešsaistē ar vivod of the bus station are not capable of communicating in any foreign language except for Russianwhich means that a foreign tourist should collect detailed information beforehand as to what to do and where to go to be able to get to Pilsrundale.

This is incomprehensible, as historically the castle is conected particularly with the Russians and the Germans. After visiting Rundale castle the conclusion can be made that for a foreign individual tourist it is more comfortable to join a group of tourists and travel under the guidance of a qualified guide, otherwise the tourist may face difficyll obstacles and inconveniences. Thus the accessibility of information from a foreign language perspective can be assessed only vienkārša bināro opciju tirdzniecības stratēģija partially satisfactory.

The author of the research clarified and evaluated the accessibility of Riga and Latvia to an individual tourist from a foreign language perspective.

This situation is in contrast with the research that was done in other European countries Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Bulgaria Rosss, ; Schlick, ; Schlick, ; Griffin, ; Griffin,where the English language dominates, yet the principle of multilanguage use has partially been observed, as information in shops and stores is offered in the local native language, too.

As for foreign language use, research is being done by the students of the Modern language faculty of the University of Latvia under the guidance of professor Ingrida Kramina, - the basic topic that is being recearched is the inadequate translations of foods in various public catering enterprises. The results of the research have been presented in conferences, yet there are no generalized publications accessible to public.

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Conclusions and the suggestion As the result of the observations, after visiting the above mentioned destinations and attractions in Riga and Latvia, the author made the following conclusions: for a foreign tourist who has decided to visit Lativa individually, the amount of visual information in foreign languages is insufficient and therefore partially unsatisfactory, and in several tourist attractions it is even unsatisfactory. The informative signs and notices have most frequently been translated into English, considerably less into the Russian, and very seldom in the German language.

This means that there is no unified concept in the issue of supplying translations in foreign languages, and is in sharp contrast with the fact that Russia and Germany particularly belong to the high priority target market group, and translations in these languages should be supplied first.

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The foreign language knowledge of the staff employed both in tourist attractions and terminals, stations and public transport must be assessed as unsatisfactory.

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Griffin J. Griffin, J. International scientific conference Sustainable development of tourism: tendencies, experience, possibilitie Publicationsp.

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